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June, 2015

Inês Bonacho dos Anjos Henriques

MRC Skills Development Fellow

University of Sheffield, UK
Office: 3018 (Regent Court)
E-Mail: i.henriquescadby(at)sheffield.ac.uk
October 2018 -

NIHR Research Methods Fellowship

University of Sheffield, UK
Office: 3018 (Regent Court)
E-Mail: i.henriquescadby(at)sheffield.ac.uk
October 2015 -
October 2018

My Ph.D. was advised by Luchezar Avramov at the University of Nebraska.
From Autumn 2010 to 2012, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor in Mathematics at the University of California, Riverside.

I joined the University of Sheffield in 2012 as an EPSRC Research Associate working on
Commutative Algebra of Singularities, Local Cohomology, Tight closure and Positive Characteristic Methods.

My work in pure mathematics focuses on Homological Algebra of commutative rings, Commutative Algebra, and its connections
with Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology and Representation Theory.

In 2015, I joined the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) as an NIHR Research Methods Fellow in statistics, working
 on the development of measures of hospital performance and quality of care offered to patients,
based on the analysis of large routine observational data.
Since October 2018, I've been an MRC Skills Development Fellow, within ScHARR's Alcohol Reserach Group
working on the spatial epidemiology of alcohol availability, consumption and harm (EAACH)

2017 SCT Liverpool, Liverpool, UK (poster)

2017 Applied Algebra and Geometry Third meeting, Oxford, UK

2017 Applied Algebra and Geometry Inaugural meeting, Nottingham, UK

2016 Applied Algebra mini-workshop, Nottingham, UK

2015 Multiplier ideals, Test ideals, and Bernstein-Sato polynomials, UPC, Barcelona, Spain (speaker)

2015 AMS-EMS-SPM International meeting in Porto, Porto, Portugal (co-organizer)

2015 Minimal free resolutions, Betti numbers, and combinatorics, ICMS, Edinburgh, UK

2014 MOCCA, Levico, Italy (speaker)

2014 Commutative Algebra and Singularity Theory, Tateyama, Japan

2014 PRAGMATIC, Catania, Italy

2013 Joint AMS and MAA Meeting: Special Session on Homotopy Theory and Commutative Algebra co-organized with Julie Bergner and Philip Hackney. (speaker/organiser)

MSRI year long program in Commutative Algebra

MSRI Connections for Women: Joint Workshop on Commutative Algebra and Cluster Algebras

Computational workshop on F-singularities

Algebraic and Combinatorial approaches to representation theory

Interactions between Commutative Algebra and Representation Theory: A conference in honor of Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz's sixtieth birthday

2011 Fall Central AMS Meeting: Special Session on Local Commutative Algebra co-organized with H. Ananthnarayan and H. Rahmati (more about this)

AWM's 40th Anniversary at ICERM